Window Cleaning Services

Windows are the parts of our home that are most often neglected and left dirty. The reason for this is simple: it is very difficult to clean windows. Apart from being time consuming, most people don’t know how to clean windows without leaving streak marks. In addition, many windows are on upper floors, requiring you to use a ladder to clean them, which is risky and exposes you to accidents. Also, the cleaning products readily available to homeowners, such as Windex, may not be that effective. But if you leave them dirty, then visitors may have a negative impression of you.

Mint Squad offers affordable window cleaning services that will leave your windows gleaming and spotless. We use a comprehensive cleaning process that begins with loosening grime and dirt that has built up on the window. Once we have done this, we start to clean the glass using professional-quality equipment. Then we finish by ensuring that the edges and corners are wiped clean. We don’t just clean windows but also screens, whether they are inside or outside the house. Our cleaning team is well trained so they can perform cleaning jobs to the highest professional standards, and we guarantee that we will leave your glass with no streaks.   

If you are interested, please feel free to get in touch with us. We can create a cleaning plan that best meets your needs and your budget, whether you want to schedule regular cleanings or call us when your windows need to be cleaned.