Water Tank Cleaning Services

Water is a valuable resource and is utilized for cooking and drinking, as well as for cleaning and recreational activities. The main concern regarding water after purification is delivery to consumers. It is often forgotten that water can be contaminated during the stagnant periods of storage—in water tanks. This happens when bacteria and algae, along with other microorganisms and impurities, are left to build up inside the tank walls. This may lead to water-borne diseases that deal harm to consumers who source their water from the same contaminated tank. Cleaning a water tank can be an arduous task, particularly without proper equipment or technique. It is an especially difficult job when dealing with meter-wide industrial tanks used to store water for a community or a large residential/commercial area.

Worry not! Mint Squad offers water-tank cleaning services at competitive rates. Our services are delivered by a professional team using commercial-quality equipment. This will ensure you of a sanitized water tank and clean water that is safe for consumption or utilization. You can hire us for a one-time tank clean-up, arrange with us for inspection on a regular basis, or contact us for cleaning as needed, all depending on what suits your needs. Rest assured that our services are rendered with only the highest professional standards. Our training and experience in delivering quality services is sure to fit the cleaning job you require. Call us today so we can arrange your next water tank inspection or clean-up, and ensure your safety from ailments due to an unsanitary water tank.