Post Construction Cleaning Services

Construction is an inherently dirty job that leaves behind lots of debris to clean up afterwards, such as wood shavings and used materials. Clean up after construction can be a tiring and overwhelming job. Although your builders are expected to clean up as they go, you can’t really expect them to do a thorough cleaning job. And if you’re undertaking a home building job, cleaning up can be very difficult to face after you’ve just completing a tiring project.

Mint Squad now offers post construction cleaning services at competitive rates. You can call us when the construction project is done for a comprehensive final cleanup of the work area, or you can schedule a weekly or monthly cleaning to ensure that the worksite remains neat with no debris littering the site. Our experienced team will come in on your desired schedule to clean up construction debris and haul it away. In addition, our cleanup team will ensure that the work area is clean and ready to be occupied. We use professional-quality equipment and materials and our cleaning team is trained to do the job as efficiently and quickly as possible. Call us today so we can discuss the right post-construction cleaning schedule for your needs.