Move In and Move Out Cleaning

Moving can be a very stressful experience, whether you are moving out of an old home or moving in to a new one. One of the most difficult tasks is undoubtedly cleaning up, since it is no fun to spend time doing this after a long day of packing or unpacking. In addition, the past owners may not have been that scrupulous about cleaning, and there may be years of grime and dust left behind in nooks and crannies.

Mint Squad can take over this chore for you. We offer move in/move out cleaning services that will leave houses ready for their next tenants to occupy them. We will perform a comprehensive cleaning job that includes not only the usual sweeping, mopping and dusting but also cleaning out refrigerators, cabinets and ovens. You can also include any specific cleaning jobs that you want to be done.

If you need a last minute cleaning job, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have local cleaning teams that can come in quickly to get your home ready for you or the next tenant. All of our cleaning team are experienced and well trained and use professional-quality equipment and supplies and we offer competitive rates and flexible plans.