Kitchen Cleaning Services

One of the dirtiest rooms in your home is likely to be your kitchen. Even if you are conscientious and wipe up stains promptly, there is still a big possibility that there will be stubborn stains that will be difficult to clean. And there is likely to be food residue left in the corners that will attract pests like rats and roaches. These problems are multiplied for those who run businesses that rely on their kitchens, such as restaurants and catering services, since they get a lot of use and thus, are more likely to be dirty and unsanitary.

Mint Squad offers professional-level kitchen cleaning services at an affordable price. We provide thorough kitchen cleaning services that cover not just the usual sweeping, mopping and wiping down of surfaces, but also things such as removing carbon and food residue from kitchen hoods. We will ensure that your kitchen is spotless, but more importantly, that it is hygienic to protect the health of your family and employees. Our cleaning services will also help ensure that you pass health inspection standards so that you won’t get slapped with fines or worse, closed down. And our services are customizable so that you can order the level of service that fits your needs as well as your budget.