Event Cleaning Services

Organizing an event can be difficult, but cleaning up afterward is just as hard and stressful. After all, you can’t ask your guests to clean up as they go. Mint Squad has the answer to your problems. Our experienced team will be there after the event is over to clean up the venue and leave it ready for the next function. We will provide all the materials and equipment, including extra-large trash bags, and will also remove all the trash from the site upon request. You can also arrange for a cleaning team to be on standby and clean while the event is going on. Our cleaning teams are well trained and organized to ensure that the job is completed in the quickest and most efficient fashion.

You can also contact our team if you want the venue to be cleaned before the event. They will do a thorough job and ensure that the venue will be ready for use by the required time. We conduct all our cleaning jobs to the highest professional standards, with commercial-quality equipment and materials. Call us today so we can arrange a cleaning plan for your next event that is tailored to your needs.